Renewing and Transferring

No Appraisal Fee, No Legal Fees, No Renewal Fees!

Mortgage terms in most cases range between one to five years. At the end of each term, the mortgage has to be renewed for an additional term. Statistics show, that at the time of renewal, more than 60% of clients accept their existing lenders terms without further inquiring as to whether a better product is available for their needs. Lenders are well aware of this statistic. Furthermore, lenders know that researching the market for a better mortgage product could be a time consuming affair, therefore, the lender contacts the clients to inform them of their renewal shortly before the term is up. This leaves little options for the client, and they tend to settle for whatever is being offered to them.

MORTGAGE ALLIANCE BROKERS .CA Professionals are continuously monitoring the markets, and are well aware of all products being offered to mortgage holders. As mortgage rates drop, there comes a time where renewing a mortgage well in advance of the switch/renewal date, could prove to be incredibly beneficial, and will save thousands of dollars over the course of the term.

MORTGAGE ALLIANCE BROKERS .CA Professionals are constantly monitoring your mortgage, and if it should prove beneficial to switch, our experienced brokers will make you aware of your options. In contrast, the lenders are not interested in their clients leaving to another lender to save money, translating into higher payments and money lost for the client. Don’t be mislead!
Call a MORTGAGE ALLIANCE BROKERS .CA professional, and let us show you the easiest way to switch a mortgage, absolutely free. Remember, there are many lenders out there who will fight for your business, so don’t settle for what your bank has to offer at face value.

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