“Dear Mortgage Alliance Broker,

Thank you for taking the time once again to look out for my mortgage needs. 3 years ago when I closed the mortgage on my first home, I could not believe how easy the whole process was. As you know, I was completely new to the whole mortgage experience, and from what I heard at the time, it was not such an easy process dealing with lenders as they never give you their best rate up front. You assured me that you would look out for me at every step of the process, get me the lowest mortgage rate on the market, and ensure that getting the mortgage would be the easiest step in purchasing a home. As result, you have saved me over $5,300.00 in my last two years!!! Thank you for everything.”

May 2017
Danny Farbman – Owner, What-A-Bagel
Thornhill Hill, ON

“The people at Mortgage Alliance are very friendly and they gave us prompt efficient service. Everything was upfront with no surprises. Yaniv was a pleasure to deal with. We will gladly recommend this mortgage company to anyone seeking a mortgage.”

November 2018
Robert and Synthia Petrungaro
Sutton West, ON

“Hello Yaniv,
Thanks again for making Penticton a reality. The monies were transferred yesterday just in time for the closing date. As you arranged the mortgage through TD bank, and the lawyer's bank was also TD , I was able to go to a TD branch near my home and they did the transfer free of charge. Now I am going to open an account there, so that when in Penticton, I will be able to access my funds from a branch there.
When you are in the Okanagan Valley, please drop in to say hello.
  Regards, Christina “

November 2018
Christina Staden.
Penticton, BC

“I want to send this email to let you know that I am very pleased with the service that I have been getting from your company, from the moment in which I contacted the Mortgage Alliance. Your broker has been extremely helpful. He has always been available to answer all my questions in a timely manner, and his professional advice has been accurate and effective. Thank you very much”

March 2019
Christine Steiger – President, Christine’s Fitness
Toronto, ON

“Hi. My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work and commitment which you provided us with over the past 5 years. At the time, we were going through some financial difficulties and it seemed that we were treading water with our debts. No matter how much we tried to pay everything out, the high interest rates were setting us back further and further. You showed us a simple scenario which would allow us to tap into the equity in our house and consolidate our debt into one monthly payment. It worked!!! Paying high interest on our loans, did not give us the opportunity to reduce our debt, but with the new mortgage we were debt free, and our monthly expenses were cut by $450.00. Saving over $4,000.00 a year, allowed us to keep our credit strong, as well as put some money away for our children’s education. With no debt and more equity built in our home, we were ready to upgrade our house. The second time around it was a no brainer………we went straight to you, and once again, it was simpler than opening a chequing account at our branch. Consider us customers for life”

June 2017
John and Esmeralda Silva
Calgary, Alberta